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Author Topic: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla -Tesla transmission  (Read 3548 times)

Offline Romero

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The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla -Tesla transmission
« on: June 13, 2012, 04:07:49 PM »
"Humankind, this is the being you know as Tesla. I greet you in the
light of good intent. I am no longer in that "Tesla" physical form, having gone on
many of your Earth years ago, to a different world in Space/Time. I am happy
here; I am home.
"I came to your world, as you did, to make it a better place. You may have lost
sight temporarily of the fact that you came to Earth to make it a better place.
Why? Because you are so busy just trying to survive there. You are fatigued much
of the time, and speaking of time - it just flies by! I had this problem as well, and
there were many times when I felt lost and depressed. But I did live my human
lifetime to help enlightened its people, and you have also chosen this path.
"If you can leave your problems for a moment, and fly above the trees, you will
see Earth and your lifetime there in a clear perspective. Your higher perspective
of "the forest" tells you that you are there for a reason - to make a difference.
"Do not lose your integrity, therefore. Gather your dignity about you, and
never stop having that sense of fair play. Your power base is within yourself, not
in the big corporations which attempt to run your life. They can never own you
if you keep possession of your soul. They can never control your mind if you
continue to allow your mind to be free and enlightened.
"The time is soon coming when "their" day will be over! The big international
corporations are not eternal. Their greedy, cruel ways selfishly trouncing on other
humans, on nature's creatures, on the environment, and on the planet herself, will
soon come to an end.
"Our day is coming, my fellow pioneer soul. My spirit, my persona hovers
around Earth in these days, assisting you when and where I can. This is partially
why you feel intrigued with my character and my work. I attempt to channel
messages to budding inventors and scientists, and I attempt to inspire spiritual
seekers as well.
"A new dawn comes, and a world emerges in which we are not aliens. The
vibrations of gentleness, enlightenment, curiosity, integrity and justice will be,
THE WAY IT IS. I thank you for you interest. (Transmission from) TESLA."

''The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla''


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